AscendEX Review

We will tell you what we think about AscendEX in this AscendEX review. AscendEX is a digital crypto-asset platform that represents a total of 62 active markets for crypto-space. The crypto-currency trading website is available in many languages, including English. An exchange AscendEX review also shows that they are starting to offer margin trading above spot trading. An exchange analysis of AscendEX also shows that they have an ASD(BTMX) coin, an AscendEX token and it provides access to different cryptocurrency pairs as well. A user-oriented exchange value system based on blockchain that allows for better performance seems to focus on AscendEX’s vision for organizational cooperation.

What is AscendEX?

AscendEX is a derivatives trading site for crypto coin trade. HDR Global Trading Limited is incorporated in Seychelles and has offices worldwide. It is owned and run by It. AscendEX is a crypto-exchange based in Singapore that began in July 2018. On 23 February 2018, the domain name was created.

The exchange sells 36 coins in 72 pairs and three markets for crypto-to-crypt trade. AscendEX today funds cryptocurrencies in reasonably good amounts. The site has more than 190 trading pairs and 40 trading margin pairs. AscendEX provides its customers also leveraged investing. You will then borrow money from the exchange to purchase cryptography.

The AscendEX team believes they will improve the entire industry’s liquidity, aid the blockchain systemic optimization and encourage an equitable sharing of capital by building on several transparent and equal market laws. AscendEX seeks to set up an autonomous network and a new kind of economic freedom policy using blockchain technology.

On numerous social media sites, AscendEX is very successful. There are over 4,000 users on their Youtube channel; the channel consists of several tutorials about using the app and the BTMX. They have a 17k Twitter follower, which lists updates on the exchange site, and lists the latest tokens.

AscendEX Review

AscendEX’s CEO and promoter finds the trade to be the new digital assets trading facility for the third generation. In reality, the last year saw a fast development, with an average adjusted turnover of 208 million dollars every 24 hours. The exchange is now in operation. A CER study showed that more than 160,000 unique users have been on the web in the company’s first six months. The exchange provides links to 137 trading pairs and 57 coins.

Cryptocurrency Assets

Although traders with the majority of big trading brands have access to a few cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether, coverage of hundreds of various tokens is offered for the AscendEX network. There are several options to exchange, including Bitcoin Currency, Cardano, Polkadot, Binance Coin, Stellar, Bitcoin SV, EOS, and more. Trading opportunities are also open. AscendEX wants consumers to benefit from all the possibilities that a skilled trader wants with various trading instruments.

AscendEX Trading Account

As it needs to be an intuitively available trading site, it’s fast and convenient to register with AscendEX. Upon opening the account, users may make an initial deposit or show the ID documents. All consumers have a regular account with all trading resources and software available. This is extremely good news for people who cannot make big deposits to profit like those with larger accounts. Both consumers are allocated, assisted, and helped with a personal account manager each time.


AscendEX uses a 3-story KYC system, and employees track artificial intelligence trading trends concerning its security. AscendEX has Strict-Transportation-Protection and X-Content-Type solutions for improving security, but an exchange analysis showed that it has some problems with security, such as low password and lack of bug bounty services to enhance cybersecurity.

AscendEX Platform

In its trading path, AscendEX uses state-of-the-art technologies. Many who plan to use this provider for cryptography will benefit from an integrated network with a simple and modern user interface. This web-based approach is highly scalable, as no installation is needed. With a customer-based strategy, AscendEX has built this network to offer satisfaction to seasoned traders and new people who want to profit from the increasing cryptocurrency sector. The range of creative and modern trading tools designed to help consumers become acquainted with crypto-currency trading ensures stability, clarity, and reliability.

Deposits and Withdrawal

AscendEX embraces some of the leading payment methods on the market, recognizing that the deposits and withdrawals can be quick yet very secure. Using a card or bank transfer to conveniently finance customers’ accounts. The brand also ensures safe withdrawals in conjunction with the KYC, allowing any trader to pass the testing protocol, minimizing the risk of illegal financial transactions from any account. Keep in mind that trading accounts can be in EUR, USD, or GBP and that consumers may have to forward an application to be manually reviewed by AscendEX for withdrawals.

Do we recommend AscendEX?

AscendEX is a trading site for those who use the trading portfolio to have a diversified exposure on several tokens, since it specializes in cryptocurrency instruments. The territorial limitations should be understood to citizens at the same time as the laws do not allow the availability of certain facilities in some countries. Compared to more conventional crypo securities exchanges, such as their BTMX tokens and BitTrasure products, AscendEX provides unique platform features. 

While AscendEX does not protect fiat currency, you need to validate yourself with ID documentation to extract funds from the site even though you only delete the cryptograph. For those who want to use Altcoins with low payments, AscendEX can be a perfect alternative. Commercial rates are very strong in contrast with other exchange sites, and with AscendEX’s native token, you can slash these fees to much lower.

We like AscendEX’s general blend of features. We like it all. This includes the token compensation scheme which affects trading costs, the Airdrops of new coins for BTMX owners, and the other benefits that the broker sometimes provides to BTMX owners, but with not enough leverage. Also, for non-established merchants, the trade area is very clear and understandable. The only downside is that certain forms of commands and settings for more automatic trading could skip experienced margin traders.

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